Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happily Ever After

Elizabeth and I could not be happier at my estate in Pemberley. She is becoming great friends with my sister, Georgiana. My aunt finally accepted our marriage and visits my estate every once and a while. Miss Bingley even becomes a little less spiteful towards Elizabeth. Lydia and Wickham are still a mess; they don’t hesitate to ask me for money and find themselves at the Bingley’s quite often. Mr. Bingely even becomes a little annoyed. Aside from the frequent visits from her sister, Jane and Binlgey are also getting along well. I guess I was wrong to say they should not be together. If he saw Jane the way I see Elizabeth, I understand why they had to be together.

Permission from Mr. Bennet

I made another trip to the Bennet’s household, only this time, I came to ask Mr. Bennet for his permission to marry his daughter. Both he and Jane could not believe our love was true. We both assured him that our love was passionate and real. Elizabeth then informed her mother and father that it was me who paid off Wickham’s debts. It was this information that Mrs. Bennet seemed embarrassed for once, for the way she had acted towards me. After Elizabeth and I talk for a great while, I sent a letter to my lovely aunt to make sure she knew our marriage was happening.

Staying at Netherfield

I came to stay with Mr. Bingley at Netherfield to see my love, Elizabeth. Indeed, we both payed the Bennet family a visit, while I was alone with Elizabeth, I did not propose. The moment did not feel right, and I still needed to ask permission from her father. Instead, Elizabeth thanked me for paying Wickham’s debts so he would marry Lydia. I told her told her she was the reason behind the generosity and that I still have feelings for her. She proceeded to tell me that her feelings have changed, and she was now willing to marry me. I couldn’t be any happier.

My Aunt’s Requests

Elizabeth told me that Lady Catherine arrived at her home on a carriage early in the morning. She can inside, and Mrs. Bennet was polite, regardless of my aunts lack of congeniality. Elizabeth and Lady Catherine took a walk together, but Elizabeth will not tell me what they conversed about. But I can guess it had to do with her telling Elizabeth not to accept my marriage proposal; I told my aunt I indeed planned on asking for Elizabeth’s hand in marriage once more, and she was not thrilled, to say the least. Honestly though, I could care less what my aunt believes; nothing will come between Elizabeth and me.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mrs. Gardiner reveals the truth to Elizabeth

Lydia and Wickham stayed at the Bennet's home after their marriage, and Elizabeth heard from Lydia that I was at her wedding. Elizabeth then sends a letter to Mrs. Gardiner to ask for the whole story. She told Elizabeth that I found Lydia and Wickham, and paid for Wickham to marry Lydia. This is all true. I paid for everything because of my love for Elizabeth. I did not want the Bennet family to have a poor reputation.

Update on Lydia

Apearantly Mr. Gardiner joined Mr. Bennet on the search for Lydia. They looked in every hotel but came up unsuccessful. Elizabeth said Mr. Collins wrote her family and in his typical manner, explained how glad he was he did not marry into the Bennet family, and how embarrassed they must be. Elizabeth said her father was returning home, which is understandable. Mr. Gardiner is definitely going to stay until he finds Wickham; Wickham owes Mr. Gardiner money.

Wickham will Marry Lydia if...

Mr. Gardiner found Lydia and Wickham, and he agrees to marry Lydia for a relatively small amount of money from the Bennets; however, the Bennet's assume the Gardiners paid Wickham a large amount of money to agree to the marriage. This would mean the Bennet's would owe them money. The Bennet's don't know this yet, but I was the one who paid Wickham, and I do not expect anything in return.